TCS Executive Training Room



Executive Training Room

Training rooms, for senior most TCS executives were to be designed, where training would go on for a week, continously. Comfortable & appropriate seating was to be provided & a "wow"' factor infused in the space. Space was to be planned, such that they could be used as 2 independent training rooms & combined when required. Acoustics were to be taken care.

We thus designed the space with colourful textiles in the backdrop, to reflect Made in India & brighten up the space. White back painted glass boards were used as panelling from one end to another, to give flexibility for the trainer to write wherever he was standing & it could be used to project as well.

At both ends of the space, A juice bar & library was provided as break out zones with different arrangements.

  • Comfortable seating for Training & Relaxing.
  • Varied seating options.
  • Vibrant Clour theme with R & D.