Row House



This 4 bedroom row house lends over 2 floors with a a terrace & garden, segreggating public & private spaces. It was designed keeping in mind the couple's brief to the last T. The Structure was to be left untouched , kotah floor to be used through out, glass mosaic in all the toilets & simple wooden furniture, encased with a flat false ceiling with decorative lamps. With this brief; the design journey started.

Privates & Public zones were segrregated; ground floor being Public, Living, Dining, Kitchen, Pooja & a small Guest room were planned here. Bedrroms being on the 1st floor with a huge covered Balcony.

Materials were kept to the minumum , following the brief, the Kitchen was a Modular one, with High Gloss Italian PU finish, lending itself to be the beauty of the hosue.

  • Earthy balcony with jaiselmer stone & Wooden furniture.